New year and a blustery and wet beginning.

With the pretty appalling weather that has been a feature of the first couple of weeks of 2015 it has been necessary to watch the forecast and pick the right opportunity in order to get a dry, or sometimes, only an almost dry walk. The pictures below were taken over several days somtimes in dreadful conditions. On some days it was too wet and windy to get the camera out at all. So these are the best of what was possible and all were taken on fairly local walks..

Sun Jan 4th. On the way to Todd Crag and the lower slopes of Loughrigg looking towards the Eastern arm of the Fairfield Horseshoe and Red Screes.

Sun Jan 4th. The head of Windermere from Todd Crag. The big building on the left is the Ambleside YHA.

Sun Jan 4th. At Lily Tarn on the slopes of Loughrigg. The pointed peak in the distance is Ill Bell.

Tues Jan 6th. Heading down from Huntingstile towards Grasmere. The pass of Dunmail Raise in the centre of the shot.

Sun Jan 11th. The Beer Garden at the Wateredge Hotel. Or should that be "Water Garden?"

Sun Jan 11th. The River Rothay flooding surrounding fields as usual. Good sport for canoeists, or ducks!

Sun Jan 11th. The true course of the river is somewhere among these floods.

Sun Jan 11th. Nab Scar, the top at the start or end, depending on which way round you go, of the Fairfield Horseshoe. Picture taken in driving rain and strong gusty wind.

Tues Jan 13th. The bridge over the R.Rothay just below the outflow from Grasmere. A dry spell for a change.

Tues Jan 13th. And even a bit of sunshine on the fellside below Seat Sandal. Taken from the path through Red Bank Woods.

Tues Jan 13th. On the Langdale side of the path over Huntingstile from Grasmere looking towards Bowfell with a tiny patch of sunshine just below it's top.

And finally......Thurs Jan 15th. This is the Fairfield Horseshoe path at the junction with the way down to High Sweden Bridge. At most times both paths would be heaving with people. Today with gale force wind blowing and rain not too far away not a soul in sight! Bliss!!

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