Tony's Mountain Days

All pictures taken by Tony and Jean Sainsbury using an Olympus VR 340 and a Canon IXUS 95 IS.

To see my latest pictures click on the 'Latestpictures' link. To see pictures from previous walks click on 'Pictures from previous weeks'.

Sun Feb 15th.Once again personal and family circumstances have prevented us from taking full advantage of the spell of quiet and often fine weather that has been a feature of the first two weeks of February. Not only has the weather been quiet but as is usually the case in the weeks following Christmas and New Year there has been a lot less people about both in the town and on the hills. A good time for those who live here full time to get out and enjoy the peace. Anyway, although not being able to take long walks on the high fells due to time constraints and things to attend to, we have managed shorter lower level outings that feature in this new set of "Latestpictures." Of course this weekend has seen the start of the February half term holiday and with it the end of the peace and quiet of the past weeks!

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Feb 15th. A selection of views from low level walks

Pictures from the previous weeks

Thurs Feb 5th. approx 1.10pm. Wetherlam from the top of Todd Crag.

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